By Michaël Guerraz

A trained film editor, Michael Guerraz was born in Grenoble in 1974.
After directing 5 self-produced short films, in 2007 he was awarded a director’s grant at the Grenoble Short Film Festival thanks to his film Contacts, produced by the G.R.E.C. in 2009. Since then, Michael has directed two short films, both produced by Les Films du Cygne and written by Olivier Dreux: Clay (2012) which was selected for over 80 festivals and awarded more than 20 prizes, as well as being preselected for the 2014 César Short Film Award and more recently, The Cornfield (2018).

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French Festivals:
. 26th Festival Le Court en Dit Long, Paris (France, June 2018) – RTBF Special Award
. 19th Off-Courts Trouville – Out of Competition Politik (France, Sept. 2018)
. 4th Festival Des Notes et des Toiles (France, Sept. 2018) – Best short movie award
. 22nd Shorts Film Festival Ecran Libre in Aigues-Mortes (France, Nov. 2018)
. Festival de la Biolle Cinéma et ruralité (November 2018)
. Villeurbanne Short Film Festival - Special Screening / Out of competition (November 2018)
. 19th French Speaking Short film  Festival of Vaulx-en-Velin (January 2019)
. 41st Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival - Films in Region (February 2019)
. 10th International Short Film Festival "L'Ombre d'un Court" in Jouy-en-Josas (March 2019) - Best Music Award and Best Poster Award
. Festival Meetings Cinema-Nature in Dompierre-sur-Besbre (April 2019)
. 12th Short Film Festival of the Mediterranean Nights (April 2019)
. International Film Festival of the Environment FreDD in Toulouse (April 2019)
. 32nd Short Film Festival Clap 89 (April 2019)
. 18th Festival du Film Auralpin (April 2019) - Young Audience Award
. 19th Courtivore Short Film Festival - Rouen & Mont-Saint-Aignan (May 2019)
. 22nd Festival Coupé Court in Bordeaux (May 2019)
. 32nd International Video Film Festival of Vébron (July 2019)
. Short Film Festival of l'Isle-Adam (September 2019)
. 49th International Short Film Festival of Evreux (Oct-Nov 2019)
. 65th Special Screening C’est pas la Taille qui Compte ! in Paris (January 2020)
. 42th Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival – Program « Peasants World » (February 2020)

International Festivals:
. Short of the Year (Spain, April 2018) – Special Mention
. 9th Jagran Film Festival for Delhi or other 16 cities (India, June-July 2018)
. 12th International Short Film Festival Psarokokalo (Greece, July 2018)
. Festival Internacional de Cine Bajo La Luna – Islantilla (Spain, Summer 2018)
. 41th Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Elche (Spain, July 2018)
. Ibicine – Festival de Cine En Ibiza (Spain, July 2018)
. Festival de Cine de la Región Media Potosina (Mexico, August 2018)
. 5th Arkadia ShortFest (Romania, August 2018)
. Full Moon – Horror & Fantasy Film Festival (Romania, August 2018)
. Kraljevski Filmski (Serbia, August-Sept. 2018)
. Festival Iberoamericano de Cine Azul SURrealidades (Colombia, Sept. 2018)
. 14th French Film Festival of Helvetia (Switzerland, Sept. 2018)
. Jahorina Film Festival (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sept. 2018)
. Portobello Film Festival (UK, Sept. 2018)
. 2018 Innsbruck Nature Film Festival (Austria, Oct. 2018)
. 3rd Slemani IFF (Iraq, Oct. 2018) 
. Festival International de Imagen de Natureza (Portugal, Nov. 2018)
. 19th Izmir Short Film Festival (Turkey, Novembre 2018)
. 16th Asiana International Short Film Festival (South Korea, November 2018)
. Festiverd 2018 (Venezuela, December 2018)
. Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Pilas en Corto (Spain, December 2018)
. Certamen Internacional de Cortometrajes Roberto di Chiara Florencio Varela (Argentina, December 2018)
. 12 Months Film Festival (Romania, February 2019)
. Ascona Film Festival (Switzerland, March 2019)
. Festival Internacional de Cortometraje FIC (Argentina, April 2019)
. 8th International Digital Film Festival Athens (Greece, April 2019)
. 5th Festival Longue Vue sur le Court in Montreal (Canada, April 2019)
. 9th OderKurz-Filmspekatakel (Germany, May 2019)
. Asylum Horror Fest 2019 (Italy, May 2019)
. 2019 Fear no Film Festival - Salt Lake City (USA, June 2019)
. 47th Festival of Nations d'Ebensee (Austria, June 2019)
. 25th international Festival Golden Beggar (Slovakia, June 2019)
. Festival Internacional de Cine de la Siberia - Reyes Abades (Spain, July 2019)
. Festival de Cine independiente de Sogamoso - FECISO (Colombia, August 2019) - Best International Fiction Award
. Bengaluru International Short Film Festival (India, August 2019)
. IV MIFF Mequinensa International Film Festival 2019 (Spain, August 2019) - Best Fiction Award
. 2019 Footcandle Film Festival - North Carolina (USA, September 2019)
. Aasha International Film Festival (India, September 2019)
. 47th Edition of CURTAS, the International Film and Comic Festival of Vilagarcia de Arousa (Spain, October 2019)
. Cinalfama Lisbon International Film Festival (Portugal, October 2019) Best Short Award, Best Directing Award, & Best Screenplay Award 
​. Savona International Film Event (Italy, November 2019)
. 7th edition of the Film Festival of Masuku, nature & environment (Gabon, December 2019)

. France 3
. RTBF (Belgium)
. OCS (France)
. Universciné Belgique (SVOD - Belgium, Luxemburg)

Theaters and special screenings:
. Theater L'Escurial in Paris (France, September 2018)
. Theater Le Club in Grenoble (France, September 2018)
. Mèche Courte 2019 program (France, 2019)
. French Institute program
. "Fête du Court-métrage" 2020 program

Synopsis: Yves has accepted to plant an experimental cornfield on his farm. This decision allows the couple to be more financially stable. As they have a baby on the way, everything seems to be on the up. That is, until one day, when Yves discovers some strange sap flowing down an ear of corn.

Drama/ Mystery - 20’ – 2K – 2,39 - Coulor – France/ Belgium 2018

Casting: Virgile Bramly, Maud Wyler
Director: Michaël Guerraz
Screenplay: Olivier Dreux
Production: Jonathan Hazan
Cinematographer: Sylvain Rodriguez
Set Designer: Michel Carmona
Costume Designer: Chouchane Abello-Tcherpachian
Sound: Stéphane Isidore
Editor: Nicolas Sarkissian
Sound Editor: Thomas Grimm-Landsberg
Sound Mixer: Laurent Martin       
Composer: Mathieu Lamboley

A coproduction Les Films du Cygne & Cookies Films.
With the supports of CNC, of France 3, of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region and of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region, in partnership with the CNC, of the CNC – CVS, of the PROCIREP and of the ANGOA, of the CFWB, of the Tax Shelter of the fedral Government of Belgium and of Tax Shelter Investors