By Mathilde Bayle

Born in Toulouse in 1979 and raised in a family of musicians, Mathilde Bayle played the piano and chamber music before turning to cinema. In 2008, she was part of the Fémis screenwriting course, under the supervision of Eve Deboise. In 2011, she directed La Chambre du nord (The North room) with the support of the G.R.E.C. In 2012, Le Maillot de bain (The Swimming trunks), produced by Les Films du Cygne, won awards in several international festivals and was released on Netflix. In 2016, she founded the "Intérieur Jeu" collective, which aims to bring screenwriters and actors together. In this context, she directed two self-produced shorts: En vouloir ou pas (To want or not) and Mon amie Pauline (My friend Pauline). El Conquistador marks a new partnership with Les Films du Cygne, with which she is also currently directing her first full-length feature film, Un Petit garçon (A little boy).

French Festivals:
. 22nd Off-Courts Trouville Festival - France Télévisions special program (September 2021)
. Combat Festival in Josselin (December 2021)
. Vébron International Film Festival (July 2022)
. La Ciotat Film Festival (June 2023)

International Festivals:
. Short of the Year (Spain, August 2021) - Jury Special Mention
. FIKE International Film Festival (Portugal, September 2021)
. International Independent Film Festival Publicystyka 2021 (Poland, October 2021) - Best foreign film Award
. 75th Festival Internazionale del Cinema Di Salerno (Italy, November 2021)
. Moscow Shorts ISFF Awards (Russia, December 2021)
. Cinalfama, Lisbon (Portugal, January 2022) – Best acting Award (Lucile Chevalier)
. 8th Findecoin - Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Independientes (Venezuela, February 2022)
. Creation International Film Festival (USA, February 2022) - Best actor Award (Victorino Flores), Best supporting actor Award (Marco Horanieh), Best cinematography Award, Best lighting Award, Best sound design Award
. 5tj Meraki Film Festival (Germany, March 2022)
. Short to the Point ISFF Awards (Romania, March 2022)
. Capital City Film Festival (USA, April 2022)
. Prague International Film Awards (Czech Republic, April 2022)
. Corti Da Sogni International Short Film Festival (Italy, May 2022)
. Cascadia International Women’s Film Festival (USA, May 2022)
. Southport FilmFest (UK, June 2022)
. Taoba International Youth Film Festival (Georgia, September 2022)
. Portobello Film Festival (UK, September 2022)
. Tri-cities International Film Festival (USA, October 2022) - Best comedy Award
. Kalakari Film Festival (India, April 2023)

TV Broadcasting:
. France 2

Synopsis: Fanny has become infatuated with the handsome, womanizing Diego, for whom her heart aches. One evening, at a party, she tries to make him jealous by letting a random man hit on her… It works. But this "random man", Victorino, a Peruvian photographer, has no intention of giving up that easily.

Comedy / Drama - 20' - 2K - 2,39 - Color - France 2021

Casting: Lucile Chevalier, Victorino Flores, Marco Horanieh
Director: Mathilde Bayle
Screenplay: Mathilde Bayle & Gilles Trinques
Production: Jonathan Hazan
Cinematographer: Boubkar Benzabat
Set Designer: Sophie Sinigre
Costume Designer: Pauline Bertrand
Sound: Nicolas Joly
Editor: Billie Belin
Sound Editor: Quentin Romanet
Sound Mixer: Quentin Romanet
Composer: Samuel Safa

Produced by Les Films du Cygne.
With the supports of France 2, the CNC and of the PROCIREP and the ANGOA.