by Sophie Garric

Sophie Garric

Sophie moved to Paris to pursue her studies in cinema and theater. Between 2007 and 2014, she wrote and directed several short films while working as a graphic designer for 2P2L Television. In 2014, she created her own digital series Le Meufisme, which she wrote, performed and directed, and which, thanks to its success, was co-produced by Canal+ in its second season. This series now accumulates more than 26 million views on Youtube and is the winner of the Best Digital Series Awards at the Luchon 2017 and La Rochelle 2015 Festivals. Now, after a stint at the Bureau des Auteurs de Canal+ during the 2017/2018 season, Sophie continues her work as a scriptwriter and director in various productions (Empreinte Digitale, Telsete, Tetramedia, Super Prod...) and is preparing her first feature film Vers le Bleu for Les Films du Cygne and continues to direct some clips and commercials according to her desires and schedule. 

Pitch :

Stuck in a crumbling caravan in a remote high mountain campsite, between Sarah, a flayed mother and Eva, her tender and explosive little sister... Laura, 17 years old, has no other idea in mind than to take the tangent until the dream follows. But that was before she discovered that her mother was sneaking around, before she was hospitalized and before she knew that Eva might end up in a orphan home ....