By Alice Vial

Alice Vial was born in 1986 in Paris. Actress, script-writer and director, she likes to switch roles and develop different projects at the same time. She particularly likes humanist cinéma and high-voltage characters, with corrosive and quirky humour.

After first practicing in a local Academy of dramatic arts, Alice headed on scenarii writing & direction. She started to co-write a feature-film named Les Immortelles (The Immortal), winner of the Beaumarchais grant and finalist of Sopadin Award for Best Junior Script in 2009. The project is currently being developped at Les Films du Cygne.

She also won the Grand Jury Price at International Festival of script-writers for her short-movie L’Homme qui en connaissait un rayon, writed during the 48 hours marathon. This project was shot in 2013 and will be soon broadcasted on France 3.

Alice is currently cowriting with her fellow mate Sabrina B. Karine the feature film Au nom de la mère (In the Name of the Mother) developed at Mandarin Cinema. The script is successively selected at fictions forum of International Scriptwriters Festival, Ouest Group and Torino Film Lab.

But Alice has many others projects for cinéma and TV, as well as several series that she wrote with Mafia Princesse workshop. Alice has also been for two years a member of scriptwriters / directors' group : Les Indélébiles, because she believes in team working  and group strength.

French Festivals:
. Sup' de Courts Paris (France, March 2015) - Audience Award
​. Festival Partie(s) de Campagne (France, July 2015) - Young Audience Award
. 15th Conviviales Art, Cinéma et Ruralité de Nannay (France, August 2015)
. Best of Festival 2015 - La Ciotat (France, September 2015)
. 10th Rencontre Films Femmes Méditerranée (France, October 2015)
. 6th Biennale du film d'action sociale (France, October 2015)
. Film Festival of Saint-Paul Trois Châteaux (France, October 2015) - Young Jury Award
. Un Festival c'est trop Court ! of Nice (France, October 2015) - Region PACA Award
. 24th Film Festival of Sarlat (France, November 2015)
. 11th European Film Festival d'éducation ( France, December 2015)
. Festival du Film de Montagne d'Autans (France, December 2015) 
. 11th Festival Paris Courts Devants (France, December 2015)
. 17th édition of International Film Festival of Aubagne (France, March 2016)

International Festivals:
. Anthropo Child & Youth Film Festival (Slovenia, May 2015)
. Tokyo Short Shorts (Japan, June 2015)
. 17th Seoul International Youth Film Festival (South Korea, August 2015)
. 4th Okseo Film Festival (Germany, August 2015)
. 5th Opuzen Film Festival (Croatia, August 2015)
. 21rst International Short Film Festival in Drama (Greece, September 2015) - TV5 Monde Special Award
. 12th edition Reykjavik International Film Festival (Iceland, September 2015)
. XX International TV Festival Bar 2015 (Montenegro, October 2015)  - Golden Olive Award
. Women Make Film India 2015 (India, October 2015)
. 8th Tanger International Film Festival (Maroc, October 2015)
. Cinemagic Festival (UK, Oct.-Nov. 2015)
. 29th Festival International du Cinéma Francophone in Arcadie (Canada, November 2015) 
. The International Short Film Festival Zubroffka (Poland, December 2015)
. 15th International Filmmor Women's Film Festival in Istanbul (Turkey, March 2016)
. Cellu l’art Short Film Festival Jena (Germany, April 2016)

TV Broadcasting:
. OCS (France)
. TV5 Monde
​. Pacific Voice (Japan)

Synopsis: Elisa, eight years , lives alone with her young mother Jeanne, in an isolated hamlet in the Alps. The girl suffers from prolonged absences of her mother Jeanne, who is taking advantage of the high season to work every night in a bar in town. Elisa tries to fill her loneliness by constantly wearing her gloved forearms with a frightening puppet wolf head. One morning she learns that the real wolves are lurking on the other side of the mountain ...

Comedy-Drama – 24’ – HD – 2,35 – Color – France 2014

Casting: Axelle Philippot, Nina Meurisse, Lya Oussadit-Lessert, Pablo Gosse
Director: Alice Vial
Screenplay: Alice Vial with the participation of Sabrina B. Karine
Production: Jonathan Hazan & Alexandre Charlet
Cinematographer: Brice Pancot
Sound:  Marc-Olivier Brullé
Editor: Nicolas Sarkissian
Sound Editor: Antoine Bailly

Sound Mixer: Steven Ghouti
Composer: Pierre-Antoine Durand

With the participations of CNC and Orange Cinéma Séries. 
And the supports of the PACA Regional Fund, in partnership with CNC of Conseil Général des Alpes de Haute-Provence, of the ADAMI, of Procirep and Angoa-Agicoa.