Closing clap for Extra. !

Nov 24, 2023

Closing clap for Extra. !

First series written and directed by Jonathan Hazan and Matthieu Bernard for OCS Signature.

Congrats and thanks to the whole team for their commitment to this 32-day shoot!

Pitch : Catherine, mother, housewife and choir director of an inclusive choir, sets out to conquer pleasure through sexual accompaniment for people with disabilities…all unbeknownst to her family.

Casting: Anne Girouard, Stephane Debac, Nicolas Lumbreras, Rio Vega, Hélène Bares, Elisa Erka Ruschke, Riad Gahmi, Alexandre Philip, Olenka Ilunga, Alexis Victor, Olivier Broche

Thanks to our partners OCS, SACD, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Cinéma, Région Ile-de-France, Procirep-Angoa

The series is now entering post-production. We can't wait to show you the first images...

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