by Jonathan Hazan & Matthieu Bernard

Winner of the SACD-OCS Signature fund

In collaboration with OCS


How Catherine, a practicing Catholic mother, becomes Cathy, leader of a network of sexual assistants for the disabled.

TV Show - 10x26' - France
by Jonathan Hazan & Matthieu Bernard
Stage of the project : In development


With the support of OCS Signature, SACD, Procirep, the CNC and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Regional Fund

Jonathan Hazan :

After graduating from ESEC, Jonathan Hazan joined Les Films du Requin as a production assistant at the end of 2005, where he worked on the production of several feature films such as Héros by Bruno Merle, L'Aube du monde by Abbas Fahdel, Les Secrets by Raja Amari or Ilusiones Opticas by Cristian Jiménez.

In 2009, he joined Les Films du Cygne as a producer and produced about thirty short films, including the César for the best short film in 2018 for Les Bigorneaux by Alice Vial.

In parallel to his work as a producer, he is interested in writing and directing. In 2011, he directed the short film Sortie de Route (Best Screenplay Award - Eure Department Contest 2008). Pre-purchased by France 3, the film was selected in competition at the Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival and received the CNC Quality Award. In 2016, he directed a second short film, L'Occupant, broadcast on 13ème rue and OCS. In 2021, he co-wrote with Matthieu Bernard the series Extra, winner of the Fonds SACD-OCS Signature.

Matthieu Bernard :

After studying history, Matthieu Bernard turned to the press (Le Monde) and marketing analysis.  Self-taught, he set up an IT services company to develop online script projects, then joined a documentary production company (Gaïa) in 1999 to launch a web communication department.

After 8 years in documentary and the writing of a feature film (Le Bureau) and a play (La Folle aventure - Le Lucernaire), he fully invested himself in the accompaniment of authors as a literary director (K'ien Production, Delante, Easy Movie, Day For Night, Les Films du Cygne, ...) while publishing a novel (Les Gardiens de l'Obscur). For the last 2 years he has dedicated himself to writing series.