by Matthieu Bernard & Louis Aubert

Concept :

January 2022. Faced with the inaction of the powerful to fight against global warming, MATHIAS (22), his sister ELOISE (18) and their comrades BIRGIT, JAMES, ALMA and ELIAS decide to take action. They form the Alpha group which will simultaneously kidnap in the four corners of Europe, the sons and daughters of the bosses of the most polluting companies of the continent, leaders in the oil, textile, agrochemical and banking sectors.

Their credo? Since adults are not acting enough, nor fast enough, it is time for youth to take things in hand. If the powerful continue to attack the planet and their future, then the Alpha group will attack their descendants.

Their demand? In a few days, the BEE Forum will be held, an economic forum organized by the parents of their young hostages. Each boss will have to make announcements about a paradigm shift for his company and pay all shareholder dividends to climate funds... otherwise they can say goodbye to their children.

In the middle of winter, living in autarky in a disused summer camp to escape the police, the Alpha group and their hostages are going to be confronted with many challenges: life in community, clandestinity and the tipping point into criminality, stakes and power struggles, the fear of being spotted, the fear of making choices about the fate of their hostages...

One is not born a man, one becomes one, wrote Erasmus in the 16th century. Today our characters want to act before Man can become.


TV Show -  7x56'' - France
by Matthieu Bernard & Louis Aubert
In coproduction with Storia TV
Stage of the project : Development

Matthieu Bernard :

After studying history, Matthieu Bernard turned to the press (Le Monde) and marketing analysis. Self-taught, he set up an IT services company to develop online script projects, then joined a documentary production company (Gaïa) in 1999 to launch a web communication department.

After 8 years in documentary and the writing of a feature film (Le Bureau) and a play (La Folle aventure - Le Lucernaire), he fully invested himself in the accompaniment of authors as a literary director (K'ien Production, Delante, Easy Movie, Day For Night, Les Films du Cygne, ...) while publishing a novel (Les Gardiens de l'Obscur). For the last 2 years he has been writing series.

Louis Aubert :

Louis Aubert was born in Lyon in the middle of bottles of Beaujolais, pike quenelles and the 80s. As a curious little boy and a bit of a nutcracker, Louis has always asked a lot of questions. How does a toaster work? How do cats purr? Why does uranium turn into lead when it decays?
The problem is that once he got past the "toaster" level, his parents were quickly overwhelmed and directed Louis to what would quickly become his best friends: books. There he found many answers, even to questions he had never asked himself. "To be or not to be" for example, even if he is still looking for that one.
As time went by, and despite the fact that books are not too demanding friends, Louis finally realized that they were not the best way to have a balanced social life... He then left the family library and tried to make friends. And then, surprise: human beings turned out to be just as exciting as cats, toasters and uranium decay. Even more so, because they could play soccer.
With this new knowledge, Louis continued to grow inexorably. And even if they had calmed down a bit, the questions continued to swirl in his head until the ultimate and agonizing question that everyone asks one day to all the poor kids who didn't ask for anything: and you, what do you want to do later on? This question, we can say that Louis repeated it a thousand and one times, because it must be said that despite his scientific baccalaureate, the problem seemed insoluble: how to become a rock star, a soccer player and a knight, all in one life, without knowing how to align three notes on the guitar, having two left feet and being afraid of horses? Even Einstein would have struggled with this.
Yet, one day, in the darkness of a movie theater, he was struck by an epiphany - you'll note the paradox - Louis suddenly saw the opportunity to live 500 lives where most people only have one: movies. And once the worm was in the fruit, it was hard to turn back. Not knowing where to start, Louis infiltrated through the back door by becoming a stage manager and assistant director before clarifying his goal and finding his way - and so much the worse if it meant giving up the BN chocos on the control room table - he would be a screenwriter.
After a few years spent writing in his room and an Author's Forum in 2010 where he met a number of Indelible people a little before their time, Louis tried the CEEA competition and... bingo, he was accepted. From then on, everything happened very, very, very quickly: two years of intense effort, the job begins, the projects blossom, the Indelible welcome him and the desire to tell stories is still there, intact. So yes, Louis hasn't stopped asking himself questions, he still doesn't know why cats purr and the Wikipedia page on uranium transformation has left him more than a little perplexed, but after all these adventures there is one thing he is sure of: he is doing the most beautiful job in the world.